Goldfinch Photography

Goldfinch Photography

Birds can be enjoyed simply for their color, movement, and songs and are a part of our daily life that we rarely take into account. If you are interested in beautiful birds in your home garden then you have to build the proper habitat. You will find it difficult to attract birds around playground or small children. You might also find it difficult to attract birds if you are a keen hardener devoted to growing the best flowers and vegetables, because a tidy yard does not provide the best food and shelter for birds. It is not usual practice to leave weeds like dandelions and thistles to seed but that is the best way to attract pine skins and goldfinches (the bird in the photography above).

Most gardeners try to destroy as many plant eating pests as possible. Apart fro the danger of birds eating poisoned pests, remember that insects are especially important to birds feeding their young. A profusion of vegetation encourages the insects needed for successful nesting, yet no one pursuing horticultural excellence will grow plants as nurseries for caterpillars. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on birds to control insects. Birds feed on the foods that are most abundant. When a swarm of aphids, for example, begins to dwindle, the birds search for something else, leaving plenty of aphids to carry on the infestation.

The best plan for any bird yard is to settle on reasonable compromise. Careful choice of plants and a little judicious laziness in weeding and tidying will create an environment that attracts a wide range of birds without making the garden unsightly. If you have moved into a new house, what can you do to attract birds, apart from erect feeders and nest boxes? the creation of a bird habitat is within everyone’s reach, although it takes some time, and may not be worth it unless you plan to stay there long. It is largely a mater of letting the harden grow a little wild and choosing the right plans. Local nurseries and wildlife organizations can advise you on the plant varieties, or you can take a look at what is going near by. Be sure to take out your camera and take some amazing photo’s when it is bird feeding time.

– Marsha | Aeropean Photography

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